Trapped by hate, freed by love.

Your hatred will not inspire us,

Your greed will not bribe us,

We are freed from you,

Freed from all your vices,

While you are trapped by your devices,

We do not hate you,

We pity and love you,

It is clear you never felt these things,

It is clear you have never felt what they bring,

Devotion, love and hope inspire us,

To help a those in need is our bride,

As from empathy, we do not hide,

To feel sympathy is to have someone at your side,

Your hatred does not inspire us,

For you, we feel sympathy,

As we know love and we can be free,

While you are trapped by hate.

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Coffee and Coke.

I find it highly amusing that in my town no one has but the rise in coffee shops and expensive bars and the rise of cocaine and drug-fueled behaviour, in my area into the same argument.  Clearly, the Cocaine dealers are looking for the middle class and the most obvious signs of a middles class population are the rise in expensive bars and Coffee shops.  Certainly, this will Cocaine will be sold in these bars how far it leeches into the coffee shops is uncertain as no one ever looks into it.

The Cocaine epidemic od London stretches out to these areas strewn with coffee shops and yet the blame is all ways pushed onto the working class, avoiding clearly the areas where this new drug epidemic is coming from. This makes it handy for the drug addict giving the plausible deniability, especially when their little angels are the ones trashing the town as they have copied Mummys and Daddys addiction. This leads to a situation of the problem not being addressed as certain people in charge are the drug addicts.

It is a shame to see small towns thrown into the grips of a hidden epidemic, especially when the guilty parties are sat in offices running the place.

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World cup song.

If football doesn’t kill this world cup,

Then surely one day it will,

The shouting and cheering,

From well-used armchair perch,

Is just enough to drive you mad,

hoping that in 90 mins it’s all for the day,

Oh no, it’s extra time,

Another 30 mins of shite,

You need a drink with football,

I’ve had a pint or two,

Now it’s down to penalties,

One kick, two drink, maybe three,

Glad it’s all over,

And I’ll go to your party

summer forest.

In silence, you walk upon the ground,

The smell of Garlic in the air and on your tongue,

As you lie upon the ground and green,

Look up at deep green leaves,

And the tops of tree they are hung upon,

The dappled light scattered upon the ground,

Leaves whisper with an ushered sound,

The touch of cool earth between my fingers,

The grass prickles on my skin,

As I lay in a silence breathless with the summer song.


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